Why Kilocharge

Many companies in the EV Industry right now are just dabbling in it or its just one component of a larger business.

This is what we do. It's in our DNA. We are an EV Charging company founded by people who believe in the technology, are trained and certified technicians in EV charging and stay current on the ever changing field of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (also known as EVSE or EV Charging Equipment). We deliver solutions that are safe, insure that your device functions properly and comply with your devices warranty requirements.

We Offer:

Consulting Services

Professionals to help you select and source the right equipment for you or your businesses needs

Installation planning, design and services for both commercial and individuals applications

Solutions to make EV Charging fit within your business plan

Options to partner with us to provide EV Charging, as an amenity to add value to your business.

Regular service, inspection and maintenance contracts

Stay in the loop: