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Our services are specifically geared toward business owners, government entities, non-profits, academic institutions, and individuals who are considering an investment in Electric Vehicles or EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment). The experts at Kilocharge can develop a plan for EV Charging that is cost effective and sustainable. EVs are getting more affordable, trip range is expanding and charging times are reducing. However, all of the options available can be overwhelming. Our goal is to be your guide to help make educated decisions and make efficient use the available technology. Now is the time to start making EV part of your business plan if you want to stay ahead of the curve. Let our industry knowledge and services help you be prepared to navigate through all the phases of your investment.

Governmental or Organizational Entities

Home Builders/Property Managers

Auto Dealers


Educational Institutions

Gas Station/Convenience Store Owners

Property Managers

Property Owners

for EV Charging Partnerships



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