Our Mission

Kilocharge was founded with a mission to provide commercial and residential products and strategies to maximize your investment in EV Charging.

Kilocharge creates personalized plans that are economically viable and convenient; effective and environmentally responsible. Our mission is to be an industry leader by providing resources for clean electric power for you, your clients and your employees’ vehicles today and in the future.

How We Started

We were founded with a strong background in electronics, construction services, government relations and business law with a vision of EV as the future of the automobile. A clean and sustainable way to power vehicles, it is proven to be more cost-effective and eco-friendly than gasoline or diesel.

Our partners started Kilocharge to employ our experience and training to help guide business owners and individuals make the transition to electric vehicles. We have partnered with leaders in the industry, to help you understand and utilize the technology both safely and effectively. At Kilocharge, we plant the seeds and nurture the growth one charger at a time in order to make our services a practical and accessible part of the way we move everyday.  

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